Assembly language programmers and consultants

We are a small system software and consulting company based in England.

For more than twenty years we program in assembly language (machine code, mainly x86 plus others), researching innovative system software & firmware.

We are in an excellent position to help you with your assembly needs and issues for PCs and embedded systems. We are one of the last remaining experts on this earth that love assembly language programming.

Some areas we can help you with include:

  • Optimizing/Speeding up C++ critical inner loops using assembly.
  • Maintaining/improving old assembly DOS programs.
  • Converting drivers/software from 16 to 32 or 64 bit.
  • Converting software from assembly into C/C++.
  • Maintaining/improving micro-controller based devices.

For professional assembly programming or advice please email us on

We have created our own development tools consisting of:

  • CPL32, our own red-tape free x86 assembler, the best assembler for true, pure assembly programmers. Free Download
  • CPL64, as CPL32 but supporting full 64bit assembly, SIMD, AMD64, EM64T, etc.
  • MOSDEB, our own x86 debugger with very small footprint (64Kbytes) for x86 PCs.
  • MOSDEBR, our own x86 remote debugger with tiny footprint for x86 PCs and embedded systems connected to a PC via parallel cable.

ASM32/CPL32 assembly example

Something about our past

In 1998 we discovered and disclosed a significant performance flaw in x86 processors.
Please have a look at our Press Release and detailed explanation of the flaw.
Here is our old website with our memory benchmark program Membench and results submitted by many users that demonstrates the flaw.
FAQ about the flaw and some comments & testimonials.
Performance bug!

About the founder and director

Michael Krech is a computer research scientist and leading expert in assembly programming.
His passion for computers and programming began at the age of 13 and he was considered by many to be a "wunderkind", quickly demonstrating an advanced level of understanding in assembly, operating system design and firmware. At the young age of 18 he received financial backing and had 25 people working on his ideas. He later founded his own company, Intelligent Firmware Ltd and currently continues the research and assembly programming projects that he has never lost his passion for.