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Some of the most frequent questions emailed to us.
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I am not a programmer, how can I avoid/correct the flaw?
Does this flaw exist on Power PC, Alpha, MIPS or Sparc processors?
Does this flaw affects all CPUs all the time?
Is it a flaw which can be programmed out or is it a hardware problem?
So the only way for me to workaround this flaw in my computer is simply to learn programming in assembly language?  I completely understand if that is the answer, but is there another way?

Why do you want me to send you the results.bin file?
What does the results.bin file contain?
My innovative transfer rate(s) in my Membench seem somewhat different than the innovative transfer rate(s) of my system you've published in your results page.
Membench states than my processor runs at 303 MHz instead of the 300 it's supposed to run. Is that true?
According to Membench, an AMD K6-200 has about the same speed [bandwidth] as a Pentium-200. How can that be?
How is it possible my Pentium II-300 to have some rates lower than other much slower processors?
How is it possible my Pentium II with my expensive graphics card to be so slow in video write and transfer rates?
Why is your Pentium Pro-233 MHz faster than my Pentium II-300?

Does Membench take advantage of the linear burst of Cyrix 6x86MX (M2) processors?
Has the flaw you report anything to do with page hit/miss delays? How much are they anyway?

I'm curious, has there been any response from Intel about this?
Why are you charging for Membench's source code?

Why doesn't ASM32/CPL32 support .EXE files?
I would like to purchase only ASM32 and not CPL32. What is CPL32 anyway?

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